Bricklin, Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction


A Bricklin. Who’d have thought? Can’t remember the last time I saw one of these…This wasn’t in the best of shape and  I don’t say that merely because the passenger side mirror was nesting on the bonnet. It was missing the drivers side door card, and the interior looked very tired (and very 70s… mmm, champagne velour). The gaps were… well, shocking – but that may have been the way it came from the factory. The door worked though. I’ve never opened one of these – it’s operated by a small black rocker switch behind the door, push and the door hisses obligingly (if jerkily)  up, press the lower part of the switch and it flops down and closes with an unconvincing “plop”. The exterior was in reasonably good shape (gaps and mirror aside) but the colour was… eww – a kind of faded peachy-beige.

This is a very odd design… it’s remarkably “chunky” looking, but is really quite narrow, which is an odd combination. I can’t help but feel that Triumph referenced this car when styling their TR7 which came out a year after this.

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TR6, Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction

A 1974 TR6 from the Classic Car Auction at the international Centre. This one purports to be a “barn find”, and kinda looked like it – paint had lost its gloss and was liberally chipped, overall appearance was tired. The passenger side rocker was oddly recessed under the door and gaps weren’t great. When you’re talking about something as common as a TR6, I’m unsure of why the admission that the car was forgotten in a barn (or more likely a drafty garage) by some neglectful owner for many years is supposed to stimulate a prospective buyer’s covetous instincts  … I suppose I can see it if you’re talking about something of real rarity – but a TR6? Ah well. I suspect that this one was on the road longer than it was in a barn because it was unusual for people to take off the bumper over-riders back when these were new. The car was an unusual colour – sort of a red wine maroon… mind you, the fading and general condition of the paint may have altered it meaningfully from its original state. Will be interested to see what this goes for.

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Alonso, Indy


An historic moment – Alonso laps the Indy 500 track. Can’t wait for the race!

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Ferrari 312/F1 render

Ferrari pipes finished

Much to my surprise, I have discovered that I actually DID do an illustrator file of this and had completely forgotten, until my wife informed me that she remembered it and I should search the file…Oops.

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1966 Ferrari 312/F1

Ferrari pipes sketch

I did this piece a couple of years ago, thinking I’d take it through Adobe Illustrator and never quite got to it. Perhaps this summer…

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2017 McLaren F1 Concept


Well, that took a little longer than anticipated! Anyway – here it is. Will be interested to see if McLaren actually does use the orange livery this year.

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2017 Williams F1 Concept


My Williams FW39 concept – McLaren up next.

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2017 Force India F1 Concept


I’m bowing to public pressure and have raked the rear wing a little. Somehow I’m partial to the traditional “vertical” rear wing, but perhaps this will grow on me.

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2017 Ferrari F1 Concept


My 2017 effort for Ferrari. Force India is next on my list of things to do…

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2017 Red Bull Concept, updated


It has been pointed out to me that I had used incorrect sponsor logos for the coming year for this car – so this is the update. Apologies for this – my schedule means that these are a little quicker and dirtier than I would ideally like. Thanks to Plebstralian and Neliz at Reddit and to fandericciardo3 for noticing this! Cheers – B


My concept for Daniel and Max’s car for 2017. Click for larger image. 🙂

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