2017 McLaren F1 Concept


Well, that took a little longer than anticipated! Anyway – here it is. Will be interested to see if McLaren actually does use the orange livery this year.

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2017 Williams F1 Concept


My Williams FW39 concept – McLaren up next.

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2017 Force India F1 Concept


I’m bowing to public pressure and have raked the rear wing a little. Somehow I’m partial to the traditional “vertical” rear wing, but perhaps this will grow on me.

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2017 Ferrari F1 Concept


My 2017 effort for Ferrari. Force India is next on my list of things to do…

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2017 Red Bull Concept, updated


It has been pointed out to me that I had used incorrect sponsor logos for the coming year for this car – so this is the update. Apologies for this – my schedule means that these are a little quicker and dirtier than I would ideally like. Thanks to Plebstralian and Neliz at Reddit and to fandericciardo3 for noticing this! Cheers – B


My concept for Daniel and Max’s car for 2017. Click for larger image. 🙂

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2017 Mercedes F1 Concept


I’m a little behind on these this year – am going to try to get one done a week and post them as I do. These are concepts, and do not relate to current F1 rules per se – that is to say there are exaggerations here. Please double click for full size image.

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280SL sketch


Small sketch (about the size of a playing card) that I dropped into photoshop and gave a quick tonal rendering…

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Microcar Front 3/4 View (Tutorial)

Just finished up the second video in my tutorial series. The challenge in the drawing this time is to sketch the car from a front angle in two-point perspective.  I am still working on the micro car. Here’s a photo of the end result.


and, here’s the tutorial.

If you have questions or feedback, leave me a comment.



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Microcar Sketch (tutorial video)


A wee sketch of a wee car – I’ve done this as the beginning of a series of vehicle sketch and design tutorials… part of the reason there hasn’t been much posted here recently! Here’s the tutorial.



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2017 F1 concept sketches


Trying to get a head start on my 2017 F1 concepts, the sketches above are largely the same but with different detailing… Thinking of using elements from all 3…

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