2014 Hungary

2014 Hungarian GPblog

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TR4 Part 2

TR4 pt 2This is a re-do of the last post, done by sketching out the tones first and adding the tint later… Better looking, on the whole, I think. 

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TR4I picked up a small “toned” sketchbook and a white gel pen (have seen some of my students using these pens to great effect). This is my first sketch in the book… I was originally going to do it simply as a “negative sketch” (white on tone) but got carried away and added the darker tones which give this a bit of an unusual look, as white doesn’t work as an outline when you have tone… Perhaps I should have left it. Next time I’ll start with the marker as a roughing in layer and go in with the gel pen later. 

Still – fun medium, and I love these cars… Michelotti did a great job on these. 



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2014 Germany

2014 German GP

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A bit of a departure. I’m not very good at “portraiture” or people, but I try, every once in a while. This is a sketch of Che Guevera, for a friend, from the famous Alberto Korda shot. While looking up good images to work from I discovered the original photograph, uncropped; in it, Che is leaning a little to his right, and the effect is one of casualness, or “ease”… amazing – tilt the portrait about 5 degrees (as it is always portrayed) and it morphs into pained nobility… :-D


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E-Type Engine

E Type engineblog

First pencil sketch I’ve done in a while… a little muddy… too much HB, too little 4H…!

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2014 Austria

2014 Austrian GP

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Honda RC166

RC166Another lash at sketching on the Wacom. This is less “sketch” and more drafting as I used the “ellipse plotting” tools pretty extensively here given the fact it’s a side view. Again, had intended this to be a quick sketch and then went and spent hours on it. Need to loosen up a bit… still reasonably happy with the result. Like the white on black – it’s always a good look.

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2014 Canada

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Maserati 250F

250f2ThomsonAnother go at getting used to the Wacom interface. I’m generally pleased with the way that this one came out, but would like to “clean these up a bit; that is, rely less on the “sketchiness” and achieve a more “rendered” finish…

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