2014 Russia

Russian GP

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Japanese GP

2014 Japanese

My thoughts are with Jules, his family and The Marussia Team. #ForzaJules

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Jaguar Hood Ornanment, British car Day

Jag hood orn

Didn’t do this at the meet… this was done later in the comfort of my study… :-)

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Italian GP

2014 Italian GP

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Campo Santa Margherita, Venice



This was the first sketch I did on the trip to Italy… I think the lack of practice shows! Still – it was a surprisingly tricky sketch as all the buildings across the “square” were slightly off kilter from one another which made for a slightly shifting perspective.

A sketch in Venice – and no water! Who’d of thought… ;-)

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Vatican apartments – after Raphael



The Vatican was amazing… everywhere you turned there was something you’ve seen in your art history books all your life… I found this little border detail in one of the Pope’s apartments, across from the very famous “School of Athens” painting by Raphael. What amazed me about this was the simplicity of it, but how much it achieved “dimension” from about a metre… in spite of it merely being tone and tint on a warm grey plaster background. I expect that the original was not by Raphael, but one of his “school”.

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Villa Angolino, Radda



A pen sketch of the lovely Villa that we stayed in in Tuscany. The Villa was just outside a small, ancient, hilltop village (Radda in Chianti) and was surrounded by vineyards. A pen sketch, by it’s nature, doesn’t really do it justice…

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2014 Belgium

2014 Belgian

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Detail, the Duomo in Siena, Italy

Duomo Siena

Another sketch from Italy… this done on a very hot day in Siena… 

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Castel Vecchio, Verona, Italy


Castel Vecchio


A sketch of one of the Entrance tower of the Castel Vechhio. Conveniently, there was a patio serving beer right across from this… :-)


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