Cadillac Cyclone Concept, viewed at the 2015 CIAS

Cadillac Cyclone

Saw this at the 2015 Canadian International auto show. Incredible car. I’ve got it listed as a 1959/1964 as apparently the concept had much bigger fins in it’s original incarnation, but in 1964, they cut the fins back to be more in line with the tastes of the time. This is an extraordinary car, and I can only imagine the effect it would have had on a viewer 50+ years ago. I had thought it was just a concept mock up, but at the end of the show (I was running a booth at the show for my school) as we were knocking down the booth they started the car up and sedately drove it by… incredible. How I wish Cadillac had built this…

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Senna, Monaco


I’ve had a couple of requests for Senna stuff – so here you are – a digital sketch I did a while ago of Senna in the JPS Lotus at Monaco. Like the atmospheric feel of this image…

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2015 Williams FW37 Concept


…And the Williams FW37 concept. Had thought I’d have it done by yesterday, but for some reason it was a little tougher than I’d expected…

This will be the last F1 concept I do this year, as I’ve simply run out of time. I was hoping to at least get a Sauber and a Toro Rosso done too – but – no such luck. I’ll try to start earlier next year!  :-)

UPDATED Jan 19: An honour to see this turned into a 3D model by Dean Wright – a really talented 3D artist. Check it out here.

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2015 Lotus E23 Concept


I’ve always thought that if Lotus are going to use a “JPS” inspired livery that they should do it “properly”. By “properly” I mean that they should do what they did back between  1972 and 1985, and that is to have all sponsors comply with the primary livery colours. I think (and this is, of course, only my opinion) that the red as it is presently used on the Lotuses (Loti?) is a distraction…

I figured this being a black car, I could get away with a lot more exposed carbon fibre too… Next up, the Williams… Enjoy!

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2015 Infiniti Red Bull Racing RB11 concept.


I may (perhaps rightly) be accused of doing too little with this one – I just think it is exceedingly unlikely that Red Bull will change anything major… there M.O. has been one of “evolution” rather than “revolution”  – so I’ve stuck with a pretty standard format here. What I have tried to do is to clean the car up a little and keep the colours a little more simplistic in their usage. Enjoy!

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2015 Ferrari F15 Concept


It will be strange to see a Ferrari F1 car without the Shell logo featured prominently on the side pod, but my guess is that with the addition of Haas as a sponsor that’s probably what’s going to happen – what do you think? For old time’s sake, I’ve given Shell real prominence (perhaps too much, graphically) on the rear wing…

Click on the picture for a larger version…  enjoy!

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2015 McLaren MP4-30 F1 Concept

thomsonstudio_2015_McLaren_ MP4-30

I don’t really think that McLaren will go with their orange livery – but I wish they would! Telefonica/Movistar? An educated guess – but who knows?

I’m generally happy with this although orange is a difficult colour to deal with from a digital perspective (for me, anyway) and this has come off a little more “anodized” surface than what I ideally wanted. Anyway – hope you like it – enjoy!

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2015 Mercedes W06 F1 Concept

2015 Mercedes W06

I’ve tried to keep these a little more literal this year. With the Mercedes W06, I wanted to make it appear a little “meaner”, more nasty, so I’ve gotten rid of all the Petronas turquoise and tried to streamline it a bit. Still likely wouldn’t be “legal”. :-)

I’ll try to publish the McLaren and Monday, the Ferrari on Tuesday, The Red Bull on Wednesday… etc, if I can keep up!

Click on the image for the larger version. Enjoy!

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Alfa Spider

1973 AlfaSB

Another offering from my “classic search blog “Kicking Vintage Tyres”. For the low down on this one check the site

Happy new Year and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015!

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Classics I’d Like…


These are some quick sketches I did for another blog I’m working on,  Kicking Vintage Tyres. The blog documents my continuing search for a classic car and these are some models that I’m considering, though I’m not sure how seriously…!

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