Another Win for Wickens


A great weekend for Wickens in Moscow – a win in race one and a hard fought fifth in race two which vaults him to second in the championship. Race one was amazing with Rob opening up a 12 second lead at one point in rain that can only be described as “teeming”..  very impressive.

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Italian Car Day 2016, Alfa GTV

Alfa GTV

This is a beautiful GTV – I’ve seen this one before as it belongs to the gentleman who sold me my Spider. Even when I was looking at the Spider, my eye kept drifting over to this car (though it wasn’t for sale). This car is really, really, sharp… just mouth watering.

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View from the Red Lion

Red Lion

Sketched this while having lunch at the Red Lion, the only Pub in Avebury. It’s also the only pub in the world inside a stone circle (or a henge). We had lunch and a couple of drinks and then went out and walked amongst the stones, down to Silsbury hill and the West Kennet barrow – all neolithic sites in the area.

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Miss Britain III


Came across this in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Very cool but slightly scary looking vehicle – This was a speed record boat from 1933, built of aluminium sheet over a wood and aluminium frame. A little bit “steam punk” but needed more brass!😉

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1934 MG P-Type


We were driving from London to Wiltshire a week ago Tuesday and stopped for lunch at a Pub called The Three Horseshoes in a village called “Thursley”. The Pub was great – good food, real cask ales, but more interestingly this was parked out front. At first I thought it was an MG TA, but I met the owner and found out it was a 1934 MG P-Type – something I’d not heard of before. The car was pristine, with a sort of pea green colour body and dark green fenders and bonnet; a lovely combination. This car was tiny – probably about 1.3 metres wide – perfect for the narrow English roads that run through a village such as this.


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A Win For Wickens


More congratulations due Robert Wickens for his win in race one at Zandvoort. A little late – as you may be aware I’ve been on holiday and only saw the race yesterday, so again – better late than never! Keep it up Rob!

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Quick Sketch…


A very quick sketch of the unlikely – a Jaguar Mk II with a Hawker Harrier behind it. Only at Brooklands…🙂

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View from The Old Post House


This is the only sketch I managed to finish while in the UK – have had a very busy but wonderful time. This is the view from the back yard of our bed and breakfast, “The Old Post House” in lovely Great Wishford, Wiltshire. Will post more sketches when we get home.

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Rubbish Rendering 2

Concept for PS2

This I knocked out in half the time – practice makes perfect? It had been a while since I’d done this and this second image (to my mind) turned out way better. The previous (colourful) one took me about 4 hours. This took me about 1.5. Go figure. Which do you like better?

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Rubbish rendering 1


This is the photoshop rendering I did for my rendering class. Shock! Horror! It’s crap. Oh well. It’s been a while since I rendered in photoshop and this shows it. I threw the kitchen sink at this when I realized it wasn’t working… “sigh”

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