2015 Monaco

2015 Monaco

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I didn’t want to draw this. I’ve been wanting to go here for the last couple of decades, and here I was. Vimy. It is an outstanding memorial. “Awesome” in the sense that the word used to be used.

I was there with a couple of Malaysians, a Belgian and a Brit and they were surprised at the “ra ra” aspect of the place (not the cenotaph, {pictured} ) but the “welcome centre” and the trenches and the tunnels…) So was I, to a degree – “Ra ra”, is not a Canadian virtue. (In fairness, the Belgian kept saying “ja – this is war…”

They pointed out to me that the Canadians attacked the Germans in overwhelming force and that as many Germans died as Canadians.

I don’t disagree. I’ve read “Westen Nichts Neues”, and watched “a midnight clear”. I don’t differentiate between combatants. But the Canadians had to jump over the trench into machine gun fire (As the Australians had had to do at Gallipoli). But the Canadians gained ground. In 2015, this is something to feel guilty about, apparently. I only felt pride. I mourn the deaths of the poor Germans mired in the mud, unsupported by the proper response. But I also applaud the incredible courage and valour of a group who didn’t know how things would work out.

This is a sketch blog. But a sketch would not do this justice.

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Sketch of a pub in Leuven


A Pub in Leuven. Drawn from another pub. 3 Stellas were consumed for this sketch. The weather was good, the beer excellent and the wife shopping… :-)

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2015 Bahrain

2015 Bahrain

Enjoy! A quick note – I may not be able to provide a cartoon for the next race (In Spain) as I will be on holiday… If I manage to see the race in good time, I will try to at least complete a “rough”. :-)

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2015, China

Chinese GP

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Malaysia, 2015

Malaysia 2015

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La Ferrari

La Ferrari

The “La Ferrari” at the 2015 Canadian International Auto Show. I’m not bonkers about a lot of “supercars” but I think this is actually a very nice one – especially from this angle…

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2015 Australian GP


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Cadillac Cyclone Concept, viewed at the 2015 CIAS

Cadillac Cyclone

Saw this at the 2015 Canadian International auto show. Incredible car. I’ve got it listed as a 1959/1964 as apparently the concept had much bigger fins in it’s original incarnation, but in 1964, they cut the fins back to be more in line with the tastes of the time. This is an extraordinary car, and I can only imagine the effect it would have had on a viewer 50+ years ago. I had thought it was just a concept mock up, but at the end of the show (I was running a booth at the show for my school) as we were knocking down the booth they started the car up and sedately drove it by… incredible. How I wish Cadillac had built this…

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Senna, Monaco


I’ve had a couple of requests for Senna stuff – so here you are – a digital sketch I did a while ago of Senna in the JPS Lotus at Monaco. Like the atmospheric feel of this image…

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