Rubbish Rendering 2

Concept for PS2

This I knocked out in half the time – practice makes perfect? It had been a while since I’d done this and this second image (to my mind) turned out way better. The previous (colourful) one took me about 4 hours. This took me about 1.5. Go figure. Which do you like better?

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Rubbish rendering 1


This is the photoshop rendering I did for my rendering class. Shock! Horror! It’s crap. Oh well. It’s been a while since I rendered in photoshop and this shows it. I threw the kitchen sink at this when I realized it wasn’t working… “sigh”

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Mustang at Street Classics Cruise Night


Went to the Cruise Night at the Canadian Tire on the Queensway last Saturday – lots of interesting stuff there. Most of the cars were American though there was another Alfa, a couple of Jags, an MG and a Mini and a Mercedes 560SL… A good evening. Met one of my students there and he educated me on all the 50s and 60s American metal.:-)

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Another Sketch Concept


Another concept sketch – this one is going to be scanned in and taken through a photoshop render in the class I’m teaching tomorrow. Will post the finished result when it’s done…

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Fiat Spider in progress

Fiat Spider

Another sketch from the garage where my Alfa had its bodywork done. I got the car back last week, and they guys did a beautiful job on the dent and gave the car a clay bar treatment which really brought up the look of the pain beautifully.

And it’s sunny out – I’m off for a drive…:-)

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Another Great Weekend for Wickens

Wickens Lausitz

Robert Wickens had a great time at the Lausitzring last weekend, finishing third in both races and vaulting to the top of the DTM championship in the process.  Congratulations Robert!

Sorry this is a bit late – only saw the races on Wednesday. Better late than never though – eh?

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Rendering Practice

Rend prac

A quick side view and some renders of same – did these for some of my students who are interested in doing a little early summer sketching practice – they’ve been tasked with the same thing. Next up? Front three quarter views… much more challenging.

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Fiat 500 in progress

Fiat Up

Another car in the works at Ricci Collision – this one a lovely Fiat 500 in (now) pristine condition, that looks like it only needs the wheels to be added to go…

First marker rendering I’ve done in a bit. Thought it might be a little quicker than the usual line work I do – wasn’t.:-) Must be out of practive.

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Alfa Romeo GTV

Alfa GTV Ricci
Remember the dent my Alfa Spider received? Well, I’ve got it in the shop for repairs now. I was concerned that the work be done correctly, so sought advice from my mechanic who sent me to “Ricci Collision” Their garage was reassuringly full of old Alfas and Fiats (amongst others) in various states of progress. Thanks to Paolo (one of the proprietors) for allowing me to toddle around the garage with my camera!

Above we have a GTV t1750 or 2000 that looked not far off (in spite of the way I sketched it) being ready for paint. Behind is a Duetto, half covered by a tarp, already painted a beautiful red.

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Robert Wickens, Hockenheim


Congratulations to Robert Wickens – 2nd in Race 1 and 6th in Race 2 (DTM at Hockenheim) – 2nd overall in the new season – great start! Click for larger image…

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