Decomposing Honda

Destroyed Honda

I found this leaned against a wall somewhere in a side alley in Malaysia. It was obviously seized, rusted, ripped,  and dented, but there was something oddly striking about it, mouldering away, forgotten in the baking heat.

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Volvo Mystery Car, Malaysia


I came across this car in a covered parking lot in Penang, Malaysia.I recognized it immediately for a P1800, but as I approached it, noticed that it was missing the chrome flourish down the side and the “fins” on the rear end (red line, in the drawing). I looked at it closely and there was no evidence of obvious bodywork, so I presumed that this was a later model of the P1800 of which I wan’t aware that didn’t have those details, and endeavoured to look into it when I had access to the web.

When I checked, it seemed that this model doesn’t exist – at least – I couldn’t find it. I wished I’d taken a closer look and better photos of it , but if memory serves, the paint job was an old one (slightly crazed and lightly cracking in places). It seems an odd thing to have done – remove the most distinctive part of the car at what must have been great expense if in fact it is bodywork…

Any suggestions? Clues? Any Volvo experts out there who recognize this?

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2016 McLaren Concept

2016 McLaren

I’m a McLaren fan – and I know this is nasty, but I just couldn’t resist… :-)

Let’s hope their 2016 car is a lot less like this than last year…

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2016 Aston Martin (Force India) Concept


I had a hard time with this one. I wanted to use the traditional Aston Martin colours from sports car racing in the late 50s (which is a sort of light metallic green) but I’m not sure how well I achieved it, or how well it sits with the Johnnie Walker blue and gold…

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2016 Williams F1 Concept

2016 Williams

I liked last year’s Williams, but was surprised at just how “white” the car was – when you’ve got a great brand and logo like Martini/Martini racing, my argument would be to use it to best effect. With that in mind, is this a bit “overdone”?

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2016 Renault F1 Concept


I’d love to see Renault come back with their yellow, black, and white livery. Somehow I think that sponsorship considerations will make this untenable. It’d be nice though, wouldn’t it?

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2016 Ferrari F1 Concept


This is a tad late as I was having trouble getting the “higher res” picture to show (if you click on the pic, you should get a larger image in a new window). Have got that sorted now – and the Mercedes concept should be fixed too.

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2016 Mercedes F1 concept


Sorry everyone, a little late with this, this year, but my travels have distracted… So – my first 2016 “concept”, the Mercedes. You’ll note that Petronas still don’t get their preferred colours in my design, but I’ve just spent 3 weeks in Malaysia and I have developed the opinion that Petronas has much bigger worries than this and would likely approve Mercedes using their logo in hot pink and fuchsia. I would love to see Mercedes return to the proper “silver arrows” colours (if F1 is boring, it should at least be attractive!). This effort uses the 1950s colour scheme right down to the number… another concept tomorrow – cheers – Bruce

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Snack Trike, Malacca

Poh Piah

Because, after all, what is a bike (or a trike for that matter) without wrought iron?

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Boats, Boracay Island


The boats in the Philippine island of Boracay are unusual for their incredibly narrow hulls and double outriggers. Main sails are stretched between two booms and sit at a jaunty elevated angle. This scene was sketched while sitting under the shady palms and sea grapes at The Coco Loco Bar in Station 3.

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