British Car (Bike) Day 2015

Norton & helmet

An old Norton from British car day this year. There’s usually a couple of bikes shown there… I’ve seen some BSAs, Royal Enfields, Triumphs, and of course, this pristine Norton.

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Don’t usually do portraits, but I was buggering about in front of iphoto and did this little sketch of my lovely wife and thought it turned out rather well…

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A big thank you and slow clap…


… to the person who dented my Alfa.

I suppose that this is the problem with caring about the things one owns. I was out with a friend for beers the other week and we were talking about the value in acting as a “steward” for items like this, the fact that preserving an historic implement is a reward in itself but also a service of sorts.

Now – I imagine that the owner of the SUV or minivan (judging by the dent height) who hit me in a parking lot and crumpled in the drivers side sidelight had no such pride in their vehicle and worse, apparently, the inability to avoid driving it into my car while entering or exiting (or, most likely, both) the parking spot.

It goes without saying that, having cluelessly backed up into my car, they wiped the excess drool from their slack, gaping lips and uttered a vaguely surprised and unconcerned “oof” before pulling forward, eyeing the resultant damage in their rear view mirror before courageously buggering off safe in the knowledge that any damage to their own vehicle was simply another tribute to their ineptitude and lack of concern, and that that the sports car they’d pranged had the appearance of something that someone cared about and would be expensive to fix, justifying their heroic withdrawal.

I do care about this car a great deal, and have sunk a good deal of money and effort into its care and improvement since my purchase of it in May. It is an expensive car to own (in the sense that it is not a daily driver, must be stored in winters, comes at a premium due to it’s age and condition and requires specialized and attentive care to retain it in its present condition). It is even more expensive now that some slack-jawed, drooling cretin has punted it leaving me to deal with the results of their inability to drive well and their lack of concern for other peoples valued property.

Karma? All I can say is I sincerely hope so….

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TR3, British Car Day


A very pretty TR3 I saw at the British car Day. Love these cars. My Dad had one, but it was before I was born. I’ve seen pictures of my elder sister as a baby sitting in the car. My Father’s was white with a Prussian blue racing stripe. This one was signal red…

I’ve been driven in one of these once – it’s a very odd feeling, you’re so exposed. The door cutaway comes down below your belt buckle, and as my father used to say, should you wish, you could lean out of the car and file your nails on the road…

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British Car Day?

Isetta BCD 2015

The cars on display at British Car Day are eclectic – everything from new Minis to ancient Rolls-Royces. from Deloreans to Triumph Stags. I thought this was pushing it a bit though… :-)  The owner had helpfully placed a sheet of paper under the windshield wiper stating that, although the car was clearly not British, it DID have Lucas electrics…

Well – what could be more British than that?

To be fair there’s a Porsche 356 that comes every year too… nice that the organizers aren’t sticklers. I think next year I’ll take my Alfa Romeo with a press-apply Union Jack on the bonnet… ;-)

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British Car Day 2015


Well, this took a while… British Car Day was a couple of weeks ago… oh well – better late than never. This was a lovely dark (not BRG, I don’t think) green Mg Midget. This is an earlier version with the chrome bumpers and you don’t see many of these around anymore. In lovely nick. Great day too – sunny, warm and loads and loads of cars… :-)

More to follow. :-)

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Lancia Evo – Italian Car Day, 2015

Lancia Evo

Another car from Italian car day. I think I’ve met this bloke before, at “Cars and Coffee” (there can’t be that many red Lancia Evo HFs around Toronto…), but I didn’t see him at Italian car day – just the car. Looked even better sitting on the grass, beside a bronze Lancia Beta Monte Carlo with a couple of Ferrari 308s behind…

I do like this car. That’s a bit odd, I suppose, as it’s not really in my preferred age range… I generally enter “1960 to 1979” when I am searching classic cars, and these started, I think, in about 90 or 91… they’re kind of “basic” looking in some ways – typical front engined 3 door cars… but there is just enough going on here… the slightly proud bulges above the wheels, the very subtle rear “winglet” above the back window and the excessive inlets in the nose – oh – and of course the power bulge in the hood.. I do like these. This one has a lovely interior – sadly – most of these that come up for sale have an interior that looks like this;    – very 80s….

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Sorry – it’s been a very dry period here at the blog.

I’ve been very busy trying to finish a major project as well as prepare content for the upcoming school year and this has taken me away from my sketching and cartooning. The cartoons are likely done for this year, as I haven’t even been watching the races (!) but I do hope to get a couple of sketches in as I still have lots to document from Italian car day and the upcoming British car day, amongst others.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the lull…

Cheers – Bruce

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De Tomaso Pantera, Italian Car Day

De Tomaso

August 8th was Italian Car day in Woodbridge, at Boyd Conservation area.  I was unable to take the Alfa and show it off as it is still awaiting a fix for the fuel pressure issue, so I went as a “civilian” ;-) . There was a decent selection of cars there, especially considering the fact that it was raining on the way up to the show. By the time we got there the rain had stopped and the show was filling up. This was one of the first cars I happened upon. I’ve always thought that these were painfully beautiful. This was one a beautiful deep yellow and was in amazing nick.

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Fiat 500, Rome

Fiat RomeI’m a little late getting around to this sketch. This was a car I saw when I was visiting Rome last year, and it amazed me. The reason for my amazement was that it was an exceedingly beat up example that was obviously still in regular use. Where I live (in Toronto, Canada) one typically only sees these cars in one of 3 states; 1) in excellent condition, on the road during the summer, 2) in the process of restoration, or 3) rusting away on flat, powdery tyres.

It was great to see this one. I think I liked it even better than the many pristine ones I saw in Italy.

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